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Very rarely do I get on well with raw chocolate as I've tasted quite a few 'duds' over the years. The likes of Pacari, Forever Cacao and The Chocolate Tree pull off some very good 'unroasted' chocolate. Too often makers under-grind their cacao, perhaps to keep temperatures down so they can try and keep the 'raw' label. The end result is often chocolate that is far too metallic for my liking. Even 90% chocolate and above offer a controlled intensity, but 'raw' often is unpalatable. But not this Meg's.

Raw Halo Chocolate

The 24-hour grind may not, in itself, sound excessive. But the chocolate that is produced is remarkably smooth. The harshness I associate with 'raw' chocolate certainly isn't there during the first two-thirds of the melt. With this Mylk bar, there does appear to be a horseradish sauce profile in the later third. If you're used to the less refined flavours of other makers, then this may be a pleasant alternative. 

The ingredients and other information

Coconut sugar replaces granulated sugar while other ingredients play their part such as inulin powder that also can add sweetness to foods. It also allegedly helps with the absorption of magnesium and calcium. 

I know it's damn hard to make it in the chocolate business. Many makers startup without a Unique Selling Point, and whilst there are plenty of others in the 'raw' niche, I feel the overall quality and presentation of Meg's chocolate certainly has a part to play in our overall product range and the market as a whole.

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