White Rabbit Cacao Dominican Republic 70%

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The Conacado cooperative in the Dominican Republic has become a very popular source of beans for ethical chocolate makers with the likes of Soma, Holy Cacao, Olive & Sinclair, Taza, Solstice. We also have Dagoba producing chocolate from it.

White Rabbit Cacao Dominican Republic 70%

What experienced chocolate lovers may expect certainly isn't in evidence here. Generally chocolate reviewers and the like would pronounce that chocolate from DR is normally potent, robust, full of flavour with big leather and tobacco notes. But this bar seems to be incorrectly produced at the 30% sugar level. It appears that these sweet notes don't do the true Trinitario any justice at all.

I'm sure that these beans offer more flavour than that comes through. At first it has the overall flavour of a Moser Roth, but if you relax the mind, it comes out more as a strawberry and almond affair, perhaps with a dash of honey. Just at the very end of the melt to we get any tannins. If I didn't expect a brut of a bar I would have been a lot more satisfied than I am. 

Still, its pleasant enough and is going in my chocolate stash for some titillation at a future date.

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