Edelmond 100% Chocolate

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Although I keep my ears close to the ground of the chocolate world, Edemond first came to light in George's fine reviews book. The notion of a four-person team making chocolate by keeping to one particular notion of chocolate making: not adding cocoa-butter from an origin different to that of the beans, not using alcalised cocoa powder and not using soya lecithin, certainly appealed to me.

The problem we all have as chocolate consumers is that all too often 'packaging sells'. It's what many makers rely on to 'shift product'. At the Chocolate Show today it'll be easier to draw people to your products if they look outstanding. This products, such as Edelmond's that are in clear wrapping would find it harder to attract custom. Big brands spend huge amounts of money trying to get people to explore their products on the shelves. 

Edelmond's chocolate deserves attention because it's damn good. This 100% with a smattering of cocoa nibs is outstanding. It's creamy, fairly soft, flavoursome and veering towards the kind of mouth-feel and balance that makes Pralus the leader in 100% chocolate sales (I would assume). 

This chocolate certainly isn't a stranger to cocoa butter, but it's consistent with the solids. It has an almond flavour profile that is hugely enjoyable. 

I've got a couple of their other bars to explore, but feel confident that we'd want to stock their chocolate. Although the 100% bar we have states the beans are Trinitario, we don't know either the origin or the type of beans in this bar.

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