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Fresco is a chocolate maker that I've loved from a distance for some time. They just don't get the attention they deserve - at least in the UK. I don't see them mentioned on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else. But as I'm sure I said before the relationship between the quality of a chocolate makers' products isn't necessarily a direct correlation with the amount of publicity they get - just with the amount of money they spend on marketing. 

Fresco 100% Chocolate

A couple of years ago I tried a lovely Fresco chocolate made with Dominican Republic cocoa (the 212) - which at the time I'm sure was an origin that dominated their range of chocolates. Now its great to see the a much wider variety of other origins with such diverse profiles including Peru, PNG and Madagascar. But thanks to the lovely Hazel I get to try this 100% she brought back from the Northwest Chocolate Festival.

Madagascar may be an origin that seems to be ever-present within the range of 100%'s available - along with Ecuador, but this bar boasts a 'light roast and longer conche', so I hope it's going to be markedly different from the others. 

The aroma reminds me of a lovely hazelnut and raisin profile I would expect from a Venezuelan, but the flavour is excellent. Just fantastic. It's powerful, but not dominating. It's like a 5-minute Burlesque show but supremely talented artistes. The chocolate has a sensational melt that smacks of some exquisite whisky. The hazelnut is certainly there at the beginnings and then softens. Subsequent bites are much more mellow and more reminiscent of an 85% or so. It then flashes 'clotted cream' and then sends you on your way. This is perhaps one of the best 100%'s I've tried (I've had 40+). Kudos Rob!

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