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Josef first created the Mitzi Blue circular chocolate ‘bars’ after seeing Mitzi Koch drive a sky blue 1951 MG down Sunset Boulevard and adored the experience and then chose the shape of the these bars to represent the wheels of that old car. I must admit, it is an unusual shape and perhaps one that some might find ‘gimmicky’. But if you wanted ‘run of the mill’ and ‘average’ then you’re looking at the wrong chocolate maker.

Often chocolate flavoured with chilli can be too caustic. It can have a faux taste that doesn’t reflect any form of talent at all. This Mitzi bar by Josef Zotter pleasantly balances a powerful Bird’s Eye chilli flavour with that of dried strawberries. Here that balance if firmly weighted in favour of the chilli but with 2% of the contents including dried strawberries you do get a refreshing flavour to mitigate the heat. What’s more the, the skimmed milk powder does offer some creaminess that is very much welcome.

The base chocolate is a 70% blend, but I don’t know which origins are used to create it. But along with chilli it would be very difficult to isolate any flavour profile to determine, or even appreciate, the origin anyway. I did very much enjoy the heat that settles and then lingers on the back of your throat. It’s by no-means harsh, just an experience that chilli lovers will love.

This chocolate is also Fairtrade and organic in the sense that the cocoa mass, cane sugar and the cocoa butter are Fairtrade and everything else, apart from the salt is organic (can you get organic salt??).

The packaging is also environmentally friendly as it is made of carbon-neutral cardboard and organic plastic which is 100% biodegradable.

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