Zotter Mitzi Blue Marrakesh

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Any bar which includes cardamom is always going to be onto a winner with me. Here Josef Zotter and his team combine that spice (which is the most expensive by weight) with almonds, rose petals and orange blossom oil – along with other standard ingredients.

All of the Mitzi Blue ‘bars’ from Zotter come in this unusual circular format and which makes them stand out from other types of chocolate. Whereas the Hand-scooped bars are differentiated mainly by the range of ingredients and their soft centres, these bars are more differentiated by their visual appearance than anything else. That’s not to say the ingredients aren’t unique, it’s just that they’re no were near as obtuse or unusual as their hand-scooped bars.

Cardamom can be to mellow at times. On its own it doesn’t often produce chocolate that’s too exciting. To me it works better when it’s combined with another ingredient that lifts it. And here Josef and the team have brought in orange blossom oil which punches, albeit gently, through that mellowness and gives it another dimension.

The rose petals were a more variable ingredient as the entirety of the bar wasn’t covered by them, only the odd bite. Personally I’m not the most avid of fans of rose petals in chocolate. I certainly am when it comes to rose oil.

This chocolate bar offers a strange experience. To me it’s best enjoyed with the setting sun when the oranges and purples start to appear in the sky as it’s just a wonderful, sweet mellow experience.

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