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I’ve tried some weird stuff from Zotter over the last couple of years so when I got these Ananas und Kokos balls I didn’t actually try and work out what they were. Only now have I actually tried to find out, and it’s not as obscure a chocolate product as I would have expected. They’re simply white chocolate with pineapple and coconut and no way as outlandish as their Coffee, Plum and Bacon bar or their peanuts and ketchup bar.

Over the past week or so in preparation for Easter I’ve been reviewing an awful lot of milk chocolate and I’ve just had enough of it. Despite these balls being made of white chocolate they’re combined with the sharpness of the pineapple to offer a great foil for overdosing on sickly sweet milk chocolate. The coconut also manages to add a more muted tone which also serves as an antidote.

What’s more these white chocolate balls are strangely addictive. You get about 100g of them and they should last less than half an hour if you’re watching a movie. You see, they’re a perfect alternative to popcorn or peanuts when you’re engrossed in a film. The only downside is that you will find the odd bit of the chewy coconut hanging around in your mouth which you’ll have to either push around with your tongue or swill down with some beer or soft drink.

You can get these ‘Balleros from Zotter in Austria for 5,20 € which might be a bit steep given the exchange rate or probably cheaper if you can get to the Chocolate Cafe shop in Ramsbottom.

Overall, I’d give them a quick score of 65% as they’re funky, addictive and easy to eat.

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