Zotter Christmas

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During my recent visit to The Chocolate Cafe Paul passed me one of these Zotter bars which was been labelled as ‘Christmas Chocolate’. As is standard with Zotter, the wrappers are absolutely delightful and only give a hint to the various, and often strange, flavours held within. Here, instead using the obvious imagery of a Father Christmas, a Christmas tree or even snow flakes, the guys at Zotter decided to put some poinsettias on it – this is Zotter down to a tee – be unusual and set your own rules.

Given the wrapping didn’t look too much like Christmas, did the flavour? Well, actually the first thought that came to mind was rum punch! Seeing as their is candied citrus peelings, nutmeg, coconut flakes and rum in there then I feel that’s understandable. There’s also spice cream, eggs, gingerbread spices and butter then you’re starting to turn this into one heck of a rich creation. And I love it for that reason. Christmas is partly about over-indulging and this is a perfect alternative to endless glasses of sherry and Christmas pudding.

This bar is actually 6% rum so there’s a good kick to it. The back of your throat will feel the full force, whilst the front will witness some wonderful fruit and spice notes and all held within 70% organic and Fairtrade dark chocolate.

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