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I’m sure Josef Zotter must look the spit of Heston Blumenthal as who comes up with these weird flavour combinations? I expect my next delivery to come with an atomiser with farmyard aroma. We have another with bacon, the last I tried was past its best before date so I can’t really lay the blame for me not liking it at anybody else’s door than my own. So how does this new bacon one compare to Zotter’s other bars?

Again I absolutely loved the wrapper design. I did make me chuckle as it played on the ‘sausages with jackets on’ that we have at Christmas and parties. In you’re not sure what they are then you often get little sausages wrapped in bacon at parties – probably the ones that you see on the Iceland advert.

Aroma-wise it reminded me of a pork dish we get at our local Chinese restaurant. I don’t think it comes with a plum sauce but Chinese meals often have an intense sauce that goes their meats and this matches that intensity. Part of that may come from the fact that there’s quite a high ratio of plums in the chocolate filling, with 11% being the strong-flavoured fruit.

The aroma actually drew me into it. Only as I had my teeth clasped around it did I remember that there was pork in it which led to a slight hesitation. That past and the flavour was actually pretty damn nice. There are great floral notes there that brought me back to the delicious violet ganache from Matcha Chocolat. I didn’t pick up any of the coffee flavour which was probably due to that there was only 0.15% of it in the bar by weight. Instead of that I got a powerful, alcoholic tone which came from the red wine and the rum. This gives a great depth of flavour that adds wonderfully to the experience.

During later passes of the bar I picked out the star anise and the cinnamon that gives it a festive edge. In fact, there’s a great similarity between the flavours offered here and mulled wine.

I don’t know what I expected when I approached the bar, but I thought it was fantastic. I know it’s not gourmet chocolate in the traditional sense, but it does offer an experience that you won’t get anywhere else!

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