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I’m trying an ‘ordinary’ bar of chocolate from Zotter, and it’s not often I get a chance to say that. Usually I’m trying out their strange concoctions but now I get the chance to enjoy one of my flavours: ginger. As a child I was brought up on ginger beer and ginger biscuits. For Christmas I still get crystallised ginger. These days I find it a nice pallet cleanser and distraction from the usual chocolate experiences.

The one thing I’ve learned from reviewing a good number of chocolate bars from Zotter is that I shouldn’t ever expect the main ingredient promoted on the cover to be the only thing in the bar. Here you’ll find honey, salt and Grappa – which is an grape-based alcoholic drink. As is usually the case, I’ll try the bar before reading the ingredients and could definitely pick up a soft boozy edge running alongside the ginger, and it certainly in evidence.

I do love the balance of flavours, with the grape giving it a delicious roundness below the ever-so slightly zippy ginger. Part of me wanted a ginger flavour to knock my socks off. But I actually think it’s better off for being this subtle. I know the chocolate flavour hardly comes across, and only just at the end of the melt which is quickly banished to the edge of your mouth as the ginger takes over again, but this is just a very enjoyable snack. I do love it.

The texture is their usual cake-like style, but traditional chocolate lovers shouldn’t let that distract you. It a great experience in terms of flavoured chocolate.

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