Zotter Peanuts & Ketchup

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And now for some Zotter! After the Raspberry, Coconut and Trout Chocolate Bar and the Cheese, Walnuts and Raisins bar I didn’t think things could get any weirder – they just did. Zotter have continued their magical mystery tour with this dark chocolate bar which includes peanuts and “ketchup”!

Their packaging for this range entails that they have to put some arty design on the packaging representing the nature of the bar you’re just going to try. But for this one I just couldn’t make out what the heck it was supposed to represent. Can you? But that being said, I still do like their Andy Warhol, Sex Pistols two fingers at the chocolate establishment – even though much of their obscure range isn’t’ something you’ll be inspired to revisit.

When reviewing this bar you’ve got to keep in mind the objective of the chocolate and its price. This bar is supposed to be obscure, different and engaging. On that level it works exceptionally well. You could look at it in the context that it’s just a cousin to the Marathon bar seeing that there’s a fairly hefty peanut taste and texture, but that would be hideously unfair. There is so much more to this bar of chocolate.

The ketchup flavour isn’t completely true. It’s made with tomato pulp and powder and other ingredients that they’ve made into a ketchup type element. That being said, there is a real Heinz ketchup taste to it. To me ketchup doesn’t actually taste overly of tomato. Instead I get a salty and vinegar taste which is very much present in this bar. The slight tomato edge is kept to a minimum and just skirts around the peanut flavour which forms 13% of the bar, whilst the ketchup forms just 3%.

An interesting aspect is that they use grappa to give it a bit of a kick. There’s not much there to be honest. And although Grappa is usually around 37% proof, you’re not going to get legless on it. To give it that edge, which I didn’t really notice, they also included Birdseye chillies.

Interesting it is, delectable it isn’t. I wouldn’t seek out this bar as it does have too much of a bitter nature. The chocolate isn’t evident when you eat it. If you were blind-folded, you would only know you had actually had some was that you would have the usual chocolate marks around your mouth.

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