Zotter Rum & Coconut

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About this time of year I like to kick back and relax in Barbados with a glass (or two) of rum & coke. Unfortunately my free holiday isn’t happening this year. So I’ll just console myself with a rum & coconut chocolate bar from Zotter. Of course it can’t ever be a good substitute, but it is quite possibly my favourite Zotter chocolate bar so far.

As is with this line of bars, you get a wonderful outer-wrapper design. In fact, if I hadn’t thrown out my other wrappers I would have like to see how many strange ones I could have collected (I wonder if the nice guys at Zotter could replace the Starker Kaffee, Peanuts & Ketchup, Raspberry with coconut and trout, and the cheese with walnuts and raisins flavoured bars?

The internal wrapper is the same and even the chocolate coating of the bar had the exact same rippled feel. But it’s actually the taste that sets it apart. Here the bar tastes normal. Of course it has that distinctive Zotter strange acidity, but it’s actually met with flavours you could reasonably expect other chocolate makers trying to emulate.

I’m not the biggest coconut fan ever, but it seems when it’s juxtaposed against alcohol flavours it somehow takes on a different character. Here the mild, creaminess of the coconut supports the rich and sharp rum flavour fantastically. And you can definitely pick out those rum notes. In some chocolate creations it seems to play second fiddle to the cocoa taste, but here its smack, square at the forefront of the flavour range.

The thing is that if it wasn’t just so damn hot I’d actually finish off the whole bar – as it is suitable for this sultry weather. The only downside is that it seems to have a very low melting point, even if I have kept it cool in the north-facing spare room.

The coconut may not have been as obvious as it was in the Peter Paul Mounds from last year. Its cross-section was more like the delicious (I hate to say it) Foxes Chocolate Fudge Crunch biscuits. Obviously, however, the texture is much softer here. I know it’s slightly cakey and not like a pure bar of chocolate, but it makes for a nice alternative to those traditional bars that you’ll get from the usual suspects.

If you do like trying something different and you’re tempted by Zotter then give this one a go and then consider those Ketchup & Peanut or Trout bars!

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