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Zotter is a chocolate brand for those that like to step out of their comfort zone as you can get chocolate with ingredients such as ketchuptrout or cheese, amongst others. But now I’ve got a bar made with sheep’s milk. I know that form of milk isn’t novel as you can get cheese made with it quite easily, but for the chocolate scene it is unusual.

The interesting thing here is that I can exactly remember the last time I had anything made with sheep’s milk, and that was an ice cream at the Hay On Wye Book Festival I was dragged to many years ago. I liked it then and my opinion hasn’t changed with this bar. Another view that hasn’t changed is my love for the Zotter brand. I love the ‘gold’ embossing on wrappers and the quirky designs they have representing the ingredients held within. I also like the FairTrade and organic angle and how they give precise ingredient levels. With this bar there’s 13% sheep milk powder, 8% walnuts, 6% honey and about 7% pear juice. Also in the bar there’s a touch of salt and rosemary oil – groovy stuff!

As with all the bars in their ‘crazy’ chocolate range you’ll get a nice ripple texture and a nice matt shine to it. What you’ll also seemingly always get is a cakey / ganache texture inside. I know that if I did the ‘Pepsi Challenge’ I would always be able to pick out a Zotter bar of chocolate just from the texture.

Another aspect that’s distinctive to Zotter chocolate is the sharpness of both the aroma and flavour. I’m now convinced it’s more to do with the acidic ingredients (in this case pear juice) than any natural acidity in the cocoa – although I could be wrong. But this bar has a more rounded edge, probably given to it by the sheep milk which does add another dimension. With this bar the actual chocolate taste is more obvious than any other in this range. Previously it’s got to fight against peanuts, trout, olives etc.; here it’s free to come through untainted.

But the fantastic element of this bar is that if you let the chocolate melt slowly on your mouth you can actually taste the pear juice. I just love this flavour, even though I don’t actually eat pears as I don’t like the texture. If anyone else knows of any chocolate with a pear flavour can you let me know?

I must admit that when I first tried the bar when I was taking the photos I didn’t think too much of it. But when you step back and actually allow yourself to be open to the flavour it is a delightful bar.

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