Zotter Starker Kaffee

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I made the mistake of trying to review this Zotter bar after demolishing half of the Rabot Estate 65% dark chocolate bar. The mission was doomed to failure as these two bars are completely different. The Rabot is mild, earthy and soothing; whilst this Zotter bar follows in their usual trend of being sharp, acidic and outrageous. Now I’ve had change to let my taste buds recover, I feel I can do this bar justice and review it without any prejudice.

As with every other Zotter chocolate bar I’ve tried, the design of the outer sleeve  the inner foil and product information is exemplary  What's more, the actual consistency is light and slightly cake-like just as the Zotter bar with fish, the one with ketchup, and the one with cheese is. If you hadn't of experienced Zotter in the past, reading that list you will realise Zotter make unusual chocolate. This time, I thought it’d be nice to try one a little bit less “left field” – but I was still way over there compared to the rest.

The aroma if very over-powering. It’s incredibly acidic and coarse  Perhaps it’s because I've got a craving for Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream and anything else just won’t do, but I found the aroma off-putting. I just didn't expect that much of a sharp aroma considering the Artisan du Chocolat Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar had a more rounded nose and its in the same ballpark. Very strange indeed.

The taste was slightly acute at the beginning but then subsided into a nice raisin-like fruitiness. It wasn't until I looked at the ingredients did I notice there was a splash of whisky in it – which I really liked. It seemed to have extended the coffee flavour out longer than the Artisan du Chocolate bar had, although here there was a definite milder coffee flavour.

To me, this is a Marmite bar. You’ll either … well you know the score. I struggled with the fact that the texture is light and fluffy with the traditional chocolate crystals being absent from the experience. It’s fruity but acidic – but not in any Pralus kind of way. There’s a Jaffa Cake edge to it which will just confuse. But, do I like it? Yes I do. But you can’t approach this bar with the same mindset as you would do with any bar of luxury chocolate. You have to unwrap it knowing that it’ll be a fairground ride with noise, flashing lights and overwhelming feeling of disorientation when you've finished.

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