Zotter Zitronenpolenta

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For those of us who can’t speak German Zitronenpolenta is actually Lemon Polenta and I must admit I love lemon and chocolate combinations – usually. And as this is part of a series of quick Zotter reviews as I work through my collection of Zotter bars which are coming up to or have past their best before dates, I’ll skip my usual comments on the design and packaging, which I love and move straight onto the aroma and flavour.

Again we have the usual acidic nose which I’m starting to get a bit bored with now. I must have reviewed about 10 Zotter bars and I’d say about 9 of them had pretty much the same aroma – sharp and vinegary. But if a bar has lemon in it then it’s, of course, going to have that sharp bitterness to it.

In previous bars that acidity didn’t pass on to the flavour, but here it did, and in buckets. I absolutely loved the very direct lemon flavour. You couldn’t taste anything else really and I couldn’t pick up on the 3% polenta that the bar contained as the other 93% of ingredients were completely dominated by the 7% lemon ingredients.

I’ll give this a quick rating as 65% as I loved it and it be good as a quick snack to share with friends or family on a long car journey, but I doubt anyone would want to eat a whole bar!

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