Endorfin Dominican Republic 80%

Posted on February 22, 2016 by  Lee McCoy | 0 Comments

Dominican Republic origin chocolate is renowned for its intense flavours with tobacco and leather being two notes that you'll often encounter. But with this bar Brian at Endorfin has managed to produce something pretty damn interesting. 

My internal prejudice bent me towards expecting the chocolate contained in psuedo-rustic packaging to be suitably uncouth. But to my surprise this is a fantastically smooth chocolate that offers a flavour profile that comes across as expertly derived.

There's a cunning balance of flavours such as sarsaparilla, nutmeg and Mellow Birds coffee. Only on the very tip of the tongue is there any sense of salinity and even this is far from being intense. 

The coconut sugar is certainly recognisable, and part of me wishes that other makers, alongside The Chocolate Tree, would have a play with this ingredient instead of cane sugar. 

This chocolate, for somebody so new to the industry, is an absolute triumph and I cannot wait to try other chocolates in his roster. 

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