Harper Macaw 77% Rainforest Brazil

Posted on February 22, 2016 by  Lee McCoy | 0 Comments

Despite Brazil being, arguably, the source of cacao (I still believe not), it is seemingly the genetic source of much of the world's bulk quality cacao, I actually very rarely get to try much chocolate from the origin. So it is great to return to the chocolate sharing some good company with the likes of AMMA. 

Harper Macaw is a Washington D.C. based chocolate making company formed by a Brazilian maker and a former US Military Veteran and seemingly has a very strong focus on sustainable chocolate making and tyring to slow the unsavoury destruction of Brazilian rain-forests. 

The aroma is distinctly that of Foresterro, but the range of flavours utterly delightful. It comes across as intensely of blueberry cordial with perhaps the slightest dash of ginger. There is a sweetness that is more prominent than the 77% moniker suggests. 

Within the flavour profile comes across some notes that I would imagine as some sort of sweet native Amazonian food-stuffs. The profile, besides the prominent ones are pretty undescribable, but no less fascinating.

This is a chocolate that certainly has to be experienced.


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