Undone 72% Dark Chocolate Himalayan Pink Salt

Posted on February 22, 2016 by  Lee McCoy | 0 Comments

What is it with Washington DC producing such wonderful chocolate - what with the delightful Harper Macaw bar I tried today?  Often makers will over do inclusions - especially when it comes to salt so it is great to get a chocolate that has just the very slightest dash of salt to lift the flavours rather than dominate them. 

Dominican Republic origin chocolate isn't typically my favourite, but there have been some that have caught my eye, not least by Fruition and Madre. This one from Undone, however, is a completely different affair. It's almost as if it isn't actually from DR, but perhaps closer to the origins of cacao around Belize because this chocolate has such a sophisticated flavour profile. 

Perhaps it even resembles a Venezuelan chocolate given the profile. I get flashes of cherry and then the pink salt comes into play and makes those sweet flavours even more pronounced. Add in some true Cornish ice cream then you get the sense of how complete this chocolate comes across. 

This is certainly one to try!


Bonnat Surfin 65%

Harper Macaw 77% Rainforest Brazil

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