Fruition Toasted White

Posted on May 04, 2013 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

This is a completely blind taste test - other than it was a pre-production sampler that Bryan sent over with our latest delivery of Fruition Chocolate, I know nothing about it. I don't know if this is something Bryan made from scratch, from white couverture or just moulded from already toasted white couverture. Those usual important features and facts for this purpose aren't important. Because this isn't something we're selling, or even for sale anywhere, we're just tasting it on its own merit.

Of course this bar will be compared to the Valrhona Dulcey Blond as that was first caramelised white to come on the market. But for me this Fruition version had a much greater depth of flavour and much further away from the classic sharp taste that white 'chocolate' offers. 

There were edges of cinnamon right at the start of the melt which blended in to Bakewell Tart with a touch of mango right at the tip of the tongue - all with a mild popping candy-like pizazz. Of course with this just being based on cocoa butter rather than solids there was never going to be any great rambling flavours available, but that doesn't mean that this bar won't be hugely appreciated when it does come to the market. I can see this selling very well in the UK and most definitely in North America too. 

I have no information about ingredients or where the cocoa butter was sourced, but, purely on the flavour, texture and aroma alone I did find it incredibly enjoyable and I do hope Bryan adds this to his repertoire.


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