Dandelion 70% Patanemo Venezuela

Posted on May 18, 2013 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

It'd be wrong of us to review chocolate that you can just from us. We'd love for you to try as much of a wide variety of fine chocolate as possible. Here we have an American chocolate maker, Dandelion, out of San Francisco, USA which we picked up from Paul A. Young. Although there was a variety of Dandelion chocolate bars to choose from, I picked the Patanemo as its an area of Venezuela that I've not explored vicariously through chocolate before. 

Patanemo is one of four valleys on the northern coastal area of Venezuela which and only a short hop from the other great cacao-growing valleys of Ocumare, Cuyagua, Chroni and Chuao. Now Mast Brothers do a 70% bar from this area, but I've seen no other example, so it'd be interesting to try and pinpoint the flavour profile. The Mast Patanemo doesn't give as robust or expansive a range of flavours as others in the wide region have. It's dominated by cinnamon and other mild flavours, but nothing to compare to Chauo or Ocumare in my opinion.

This version is very similar. The aroma is dominated by nutmeg and cherry, but not much else. There's no acidity jumping out at you which  I often enjoy. The melt is short-lived but in that time the predominate flavour is actually of cinnamon and little else. I've seen others mention macadamia nuts and I can't argue with that. At the very edges they may be a touch of cherry and just the slightest resemblance of kiwi fruit. 

The Patanemo isn't a chocolate for those looking for robust, powerful and direct flavours often desired during winter. Instead this is a chocolate more akin for long summer evenings.


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