Fruition Dominican Republic 70% Pre-Production

Posted on May 26, 2013 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

This is a pre-production bar from Fruition. Instead of the usual Peruvian cocoa, Bryan used beans sourced from Dominican Republic and is having a play around with the recipe to see what he believes people will enjoy. Of course I don't know what the particular farm or co-operative the beans are from, but that's a moot point at this stage. The primary purpose of this review is to give feedback to the chocolate maker and give an insight to bean-to-bar chocolate lovers here as what be coming along in the future.

Here Bryan sticks to his branded mould which I think looks absolutely fantastic. This tester is in a smaller form than his current retail bars - which can be awkward to post. Whether he's moving to a more compact mould is something worth waiting to find out.

The aroma here is more liquorice than perhaps the natural ingredient is. There's a delightful Muscovado sugar characteristic that is combined with the South European plant root. There's also a touch of tar and red berries which just lift it a touch. 

I recall trying something very similar to this in the past, which I think was the Pralus Indonesie, and I very much enjoyed that too. 

This won't be a 'session chocolate' as its not mellow enough. But what it is is very intriguing and unusual. And for that alone you have to give Bryan credit.

At the 70% level there may be a touch too much sweetness. It'd be interesting to try it at a 75% level as I feel more of the natural acidity will be able to shine through.

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