Soma Chocolate from Canada - A Selection of Quick Reviews

Posted on June 03, 2013 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

I have before me four bars of half-eaten Soma chocolate bars. A good friend Judith is Canadian and seems to have a magical and seemingly unending source of Soma Chocolate and gave me these four bars to see what I thought. When it comes to chocolate I'll willingly nab leftovers from any source. So here I am with some dog-eared Soma bars that have been in a bag for two or three weeks and sat in the corner of my office. It'd be very unfair, therefore, to review the texture and appearance, and perhaps even the flavour would be somewhat altered by being open to the warm atmosphere.

The first is labelled as "Equator" which in this case relates to a blend of organic beans from Peru and Dominican Republic which in this case have been roasted and conched and then presented at a 67% cocoa to other ingredients. Those other ingredients haven't been disclosed on the packaging. 

In terms of flavour is definitively banana and raisin, but it also has slight wasabi edge. The melt is somewhat tainted by the condition I have kept it in but it still offered a very lengthy melt. The tasting notes do mention "brownies". At first I really didn't get this, but after a couple more squares it definitely became apparent.

The Apurimac originates from Peruvian Valle de los Rios Apurimac y Ene Co-operative which supports about five hundred families. Despite being from Criollo stock I found it far harsher than other Criollo I can remember. There most definitely is the "punch of citrus" the packaging mentions. Unfortunately there wasn't much else. You may get some hazelnut and tart red wine at the later stages of the melt - but nothing overly inviting.

The Dominican Republic 70% is a blend of Criollo and Trinitario beans from the "Hacienda Elvsia" and reminded me very much of chocolate made with Sambriano Valley cocoa due to its heavy red fruit flavour. If pushed to the roof of your mouth you should get absolutely delightful orange tones surrounded by vine leaves.

The last of the batch was "The Triad" which contained three different beans from Peru, Papua New Guinea and La Red from The Dominican Republic. I just absolutely loved this one due to its very slow melt and riot of summer fruits and cinnamon. It's just a shame the Soma produce so little chocolate they can't even supply their Canadian clientèle, let alone export it for sale in the UK.

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