Taza 80% Stone Ground Organic Dark Chocolate

Posted on October 06, 2013 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

We like to acquire chocolate from around the world and test it out publicly. The idea is that we can describe the chocolate and give our views with the hope that some of you will respond with your own views, and hopefully suggest we should stock it or not. So here we are with the Taza 80% dark chocolate sent over from our good friend over in the USA - AnnMarie who can be found running Pod72.

The reason I pulled this bar out of my collection is that it has a very similar texture and approach to our newly added Dolceria Bonajuto. Both shy away from the highly involved school of chocolate making which relies on the much easier process of conching. You can find out much more about their processes here.

From my point of view this particular Taza chocolate has a much sharper flavour than the Bonajuto. It's very much reminiscent of lemon juice on the tip of the tongue. Further in you can get a blend of morning dew with black cherries and a whole heap of vanilla right at the end - perhaps too much. 

The texture is very rustic and incredibly granular. Even though the much higher cocoa % of the Bonajuto are considerably smoother, the 80% is still far more refined than this. It would be interesting to see how their processes differ given both claim to hold true to the ancient Aztec way of making chocolate. 

Stone ground chocolate certainly has its place. But we feel at the moment perhaps you guys would be unlikely to enjoy this style of chocolate as the other chocolate we sell. We certainly do admire their approach, but I feel we'll have to try a much wider sample of their range before we explore stocking them in the future.


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