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We don't have to sell chocolate to fall in love with it. Most chocolate bars come and go. A few remain with us forever. It seems that many more filled chocolates are able to capture the imagination of people than bars. With ganaches and caramels chocolatiers are able to explore themes and flavours with much more freedom. They can play with shapes so much more easily - whether its truffles, traditional ganache forms with colourful transfers or any other shape of bon bon - chocolatiers seem limited only by their imagination. And here we have fantastic tea and coffee cup-shaped caramels. Marc really does love pushing the boundaries. 

Many a good few years I've been very fond of tea-infused chocolate. I've not nearly enjoyed coffee-flavoured chocolate as much. Those memories of the coffee-flavoured Cadbury Roses have seemingly scarred me for life. But not so much here.

Marc and team have created a box of twelve caramels with six different flavours: two each of Darjeeling Tea, Jasmine Tea, Viennese Coffee, Earl Grey Tea, Chai and Bedouin Coffee. All offer taste-bombs of flavour. Don't fall into the trap, as I did, by thinking that just because each are small that they'll have a minimalist flavour to match - you'll be shocked. 

Surprisingly I enjoyed the coffee one the most, purely because it was the most striking. The tea ones are very much agreeable, but I feel they would be much more enjoyed if I hadn't of shotgun-like shoved them in my mouth instead of letting each settle in my mouth and melt naturally. This is what happens when reputation goes before you. I love Marc's chocolates and I must have wanted to gorge myself on his sublime flavours. Having learned my lesson, I will keep the rest to enjoy responsibly.

When you do that you'll be able to explore the subtle tea flavours against the rich caramel. The chocolate coating I know is of superior quality, but my mind was just fixated on that sweet, sticky centre. If you do have a spare twenty Pounds then I do suggest that you give Marc's treats a go.


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