Hotel Chocolat Pumpkin Patch

Posted on October 23, 2013 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

Seeing as I've already tried these out on my chocolate reviews site and I was quite impressed with the photos I took I thought I'd just run through what I thought of these Hotel Chocolat Pumpkin Patches here. Firstly set the scene that I absolutely adore their Rabot chocolate. Their single origin dark chocolate is fantastic, I love it. They do an awesome job. But these little Halloween treats aren't really my cup of tea. They're just far too sweet for me and I'm no fan of praline.

So they're completely wasted on me. But what about kids? Interestingly I was on the London Underground the other day coming back from Salon du Chocolat and a child in ghoulish get-up approached me with a bucket and said 'trick or treat'. I obviously replied 'trick' as her bucket was devoid of any treats (or coins). She seemed shocked, as if she was just expecting somebody to put a Pound coin or two in her bucket. She obviously didn't realise what trick or treating was about nor what the words actually meant in combination. So that makes me think: is Halloween just an unwanted American tradition where adults who really can't be bothered are annoyed and guilt-tripped into giving sweets or cash at the door when they'd rather be inside watching Eastenders uninterrupted? 

I think yes. Not only because I want to keep my chocolate to myself, but it’s just another excuse to get us to part cash for stuff we don't really want to buy. I'm yet to come across a great Halloween chocolate. I'd love to know if you are aware of any.

In this packet there are four of these praline filled pumpkins which should satisfy most people, but I certainly believe that nobody could actually manage more than the four purely because they're so damn sweet. Instead I suggest you give their Rabot bars a go.


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