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Posted on October 26, 2017 by  Lee McCoy | 0 Comments

I subtly asked Kym from Brownie Points Bakery if she could send a box of her brownies over just to see if they're as good as others have thought. I haven't asked for anything in a good while as I've still got a huge stock of chocolate to review, but I've just got a "thing" for brownies so I gave into temptation and sent her a tweet. And I'm so glad I did and if you wanted a quick description of them then I'd call these comical ninja brownies. At first the chocolate flavour is subtle and then it pounces on you from nowhere and gives you a good tickle of delight. I want them all to myself.

For me how you package and display chocolate, cake and the such-like is crucial for its enjoyment. It just gets you in the mood to enjoy it. With these brownies you've got a wonderfuly simple box wrapped in a lovely, branded ribbon. But it goes further than that. You also have the brownies wrapped in light-blue and white ginham (I'll let Kym off that they're Manchester City colours) and cut into 6 fantastically thick and substantial pieces - I suppose they're about an inch and a half wide and long and just under an inch deep. For me these have to be the perfect dimensions as it allows for a crunchy top and a soft centre.

As I've mentioned, the chocolate flavour was slight at first. There was no instant chocolate "hit". Instead it seemed to catch up to speed with the second bite. Now I'm not sure if I'd prefer it to be intense or not? I suppose with this mellow flavour then it encourages you to eat more. And being a Friday night I'm really not worried about the calories! In fact with it being quite hot now (will the weather make up its mind?) i think something this gentle is perfect.

I also liked the texture as it wasn't overly gooey. Dark chocolate, gooey brownies, I feel, should be reserved for winter. Summer should see slightly moist brownies that still offer a good deal of resistance and often served with the finest vanilla ice cream. Also the pecans that are present gave it a very welcomed bit of crunch too - as well as extending the flavours available.

I'm now on to my third brownie and typically I'd be feeling overwhelmed and thinking that I've had enough of the chocolate flavour (that can happen occassionaly), but not here ... I'm pretty sure I could finish them all off (bar the one I just gave my wife - who loved them too) - I think it must be that top note of cocoa that gives it the edge as they just so addictive.

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