Niederegger Marzipan Advent Calendar

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There are few types of confectionery that get me excited as much as fine chocolate. For my sins I absolutely adore marzipan. The sweetness holds some sort of child-like memory and evokes a deeply enduring and perpetual appreciation. It’s perplexing to the say the least as overly sweet foods generally don’t elicit as much joy as very good marzipan. I’m sure many other “normal” people have an abnormal desire to overindulge on this almond-based treat.

Similarly strange was the route that this gorgeous, green, Christmas tree-shaped Niederegger advent calendar came into my possession. It was via the Fine Confectionary Company and Through the Door Promotions. I get a hundred or so solicitations from PR and internet marketing companies every year. Having worked in SEO for 15-odd years I can sniff out the real reasons why people ask for reviews. But there was none of that here. I was sent a product I would have bought myself if I knew it existed, it had a nice message, and the companies look pleasant enough. So why shouldn’t I gorge myself on them and let you know what I thought? What’s more, consumers can’t even buy this product from them, or their retail outlet: Chocolates Direct.

On to the advent calendar itself. It’s a very hefty 400g – almost five times as heavy as the Thorntons chocolate advent calendar, and most definitely more up-my-street. After scouring the internet I see they retail for £22.99 which is a similarly hefty price, and cutting straight to the chase, it’s worth every penny. You see, I’m so used to flimsy chocolate advent calendars. These are chocolates you can’t send through the post without some serious protection. But here the advent calendar itself is made of very sturdy plastic and decorated with beautiful green card. It’s strong enough for the post and any form of natural disaster.

A close-up

Another thing this advent calendar also bucks the trend on is the size of the chocolates behind each door. They’re just down-right huge. Well most of them are. I was lucky enough to first try door 16 where I was met by what seemed to be a huge slab of French cheese. Of course it was actually a very sizeable piece of top quality marzipan coated in 50% bittersweet chocolate. Other doors had marzipan moons and Father Christmases. I thought I best stop at three. But I do think this has to be the best chocolate advent calendar I’ve tried in a long while.

The flavour of the marzipan is just so intense. It’s powerful and lingers. Next year I’ll be demanding one of these! And if you don’t have one of these to look forward to, I’m sorry.

P.S. I nabbed the top image from Lakeland as my photo was rubbish. But do have a look at Chocolates Direct for some Niederegger Marzipan. You can also get the Niederegger marzipan advent calendar from JD Williams.

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