Paul A Young Chocolate Brownies

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If heaven is a place on earth it is wherever you've got your chops around a Paul A. Young chocolate brownie.

I had the great privilege of seeing these brownies being made in his kitchen below his Islington shop and when you see the process of them being made and compare it to your own mistake-laden attempt as I did making my own, you appreciate fully appreciate the quality of the ingredients used and the expertise of a master craftsman.

Paul A Young Brownies Each square of chocolate brownie measures about 2.5" (6.5cm) wide but contain an immeasurable amount of chocolate satisfaction. As I'm very partial to brownies and have reviewed quite a few here, you can definitely tell the difference between 'ordinary' chocolate used and when the superb Valrhona is used.

Often chocolate brownies use chocolate with a medium cocoa content, but the Paul A Young brownies are created using 70% cocoa which gives it a very robust flavour that fairly vigorously massages your taste buds without being excessive. At the end of each mouthful you'll witness a nutty aftertaste which lingers in your mouth for a fair while. This certainly isn't a chocolate brownie that you'd consume in seconds without noticing, or indeed, savouring every romantic moment.

It's the texture that really astounds me. It's so easy, as I've found to create dry and crisp brownies. Or even under-do them so they're a clone of a Gu pudding. But the Paul A. Young brownies are moist without being damp, they're also soft without falling apart. If you gently prod the brownie it surrenders but then recovers its shape as you withdraw your finger.

Taste: 95% - these brownies are great foil for the meek, mild and the "let's play it safe" brownies the mass-market offers Texture: 100% - the first 100% I've given, but they're moist, but firm and just consumes your mouth with chocolate passion

Appearance: 100% - you can't really improve it. Brownies of this size shouldn't be tarted up. The presentation confidently says "You will love me, I don't need to try and impress you to buy me" Nutritional Information: n/a - do you need any? When you buy from them you can ask them every question you'll ever want to know and you'll get an honest answer

Price: 95% - I read the site as £3.95 and still thought they were good value. But they're actually £2.95 so they're immense value.

Overall: 97.5% - the world would be a much more pleasant place if everyone could experience one of Paul's brownies

Where To Buy Paul A Young Chocolate Brownies

  • Paul's Shops (maybe online somehow soon - the country's church bells will ring a chorus when that happens)

Marks And Spencer Swiss Chocolate Collection

The Chocolate Tree Whisky & Nibs

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