Pralus Cuba 75% Dark Chocolate

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I can’t believe it’s been over seven months since I last tried some Pralus dark chocolate. Then it was the best bar that I’ve reviewed, and its testament to the sheer quality of the Chuao bar that only the Friss Holm Chuno has got close in that time. Whilst a year ago I tried the Chapon Cuba which was also exceptional, I therefore had hoped for great things from this Pralus creation.

Pralus Cuba 75% Dark Chocolate

I won’t need to go over the very simplistic packaging as this is the sixth in this series of 100g dark chocolate bars, but I do find it pleasant, if a touch dour (although the new packaging is more elegant). The bar itself was highly polished when I first had it, but after a few months of being moved around the chocolate stash it has become a touch tarnished. But it is obvious that this bar was well put together. That is until you break the bar, after the wonderful snap you’ll find a much larger number of air bubbles than is normally the case with their bars. Some have said that Pralus has gone downhill in recent years – perhaps this lack of attention to detail is a sign of that?

In terms of aroma it was also fairly mute – a cross between aged rubber and mango. Interestingly the first thought was of Barbados beaches with a slightly edge and minimal acidity. Having been to Cuba as well there was nothing there that reminded me of the Island other than a delightfully fresh flavour – but I didn’t really expect it to.

If I had to describe an archetypal mild chocolate then this would be it. There are strong similarities with the normal hot chocolate I’ve had recently. There are no rough edges, no over-powering acidity, and no major flavour in fact. It is a very subdued bar. There are mild notes of cherry that pass through hazelnut and then on to almond, but nothing as earthy as I’ve come to expect from them.

In terms of melt it does take a long time for it to being, obviously this is a positive feature, but I’d prefer some more immediate reward from this offering. From expecting a great deal from this bar, I’m left wondering what went wrong? Of course, we can’t expect all of their bars to be from the same “mould”, but I’m sure many people would expect something more broody from the house of Pralus.


  • Taste: 68% – the flavour is ok if you’re after something mild, but there’s not enough for me to mark it too higly.
  • Texture: 72% – It was good in terms of much of the chocolate I review, but still it wasn’t as good as they’ve made in the past.
  • Appearance: 75% – they do make wonderful looking chocolate, but there were too many air bubbles.
  • Nutritional Information: 65% – not a huge amount there
  • Price: 67% – I wouldn’t say its great value for money.
  • Overall: 69.4% – I had hoped for so much more.

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