Thorntons Cloudly Lemonade White Chocolate

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Thorntons Cloudly Lemonade White Chocolate

Normally the only way you can get me to like white chocolate is get me exceedingly drunk and shove a wodge of fivers in to my hand. I've now found a second way: add popping candy and a liberal  dose of add lemon oil. Seeing as Thorntons may be incredibly good at getting me drunk, and they've never tried bribery, their only option was to come up with this playful and zesty block of white chocolate which should appeal to the more open-minded of you.

Even though the sunshine is just a distant memory for many of us and we all may need a bit of a lift, the best way to do that is to go back to our childhood when there were so much more interesting sweets to enjoy, and for me popping candy was one of those treats that bring back the happiest memories. Even though in my advanced years I still love popping candy but with this bar it’s the actual flavour, rather than the razzmatazz in my mouth that I appreciate the most.

So often I feel gastronomically abused with white chocolate, it seems to have been mixed with the entire crop of Madagascan vanilla as well as fields upon fields of sugar - each bar of most commercial white chocolate feels as far removed from real chocolate as chewing on plasticine in a bath of toffee. Not here. There's a distinct earthiness with a dose of freshness from the lemon that just reminded me of Cuba with the breeze blowing the sugar mills that I visited [above]. Here too, there was razzmatazz from the former factory workers who put on a vibrant dancing display. But this bar was more of a surprise than the rustic nature of the Cuban hinterland.

The Milky Bar Kid would be very dissatisfied with this bar for its for kids of yesteryear and not of today - Thorntons offers plenty much for them already.

I love been surprised by chocolate. This white chocolate bar does that. The test would come if I'd prefer this over their Tonka bar, I doubt I would on most days, but if you're like me, you'll fancy something a little bit different every now and then.

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