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Posted on April 12, 2019 by  Lee McCoy | 0 Comments

For the first review for a number of years I've certainly chosen a left-field, should have been left in the field chocolate.

While perusing Amazon Prime for some 'I can't be bothered to go to the supermarket' produce I clapped my eyes on this monstrosity. I actually knew my wife would go week at the knees for it so that's why added it to my basket. I'm easily sold.

Of course I unwrapped the triangular carton like removing a girdle. I broke off a piece and put it to my nose. The 'aroma' was very much of the worst Amelanado you've ever witnessed. Cardboard comes to mind. Seeing as I paid £4.50 this hefty chocolate, I wasn't going to waste the money so I actually tried a piece. Having severely reduced my sugar consumption over the past few months to try and lose weight, I could have easily found a much better chocolate to break my calorific straight jacket. I should have known better.

I remember watching the Bear Grylls show The Island where captives didn't taste foods of any flavour for many weeks and then after successfully completing the challenge would enjoy some fresh foods and they would remark about how strident and striking the flavours were. The same could be said for me. I've hardly tasted sweet food recently and the saccharine flavours were too strong. Too obvious. Too unpalatable. 

The coconut flavour was completely masked by that of the sugar. It could have been a plain Toblerone. I'm not going to open up the rest of the carton to find out how many triangles I'll be avoiding and potentially wasting, but I'll pass on the rest.

Even sitting beside it I'm getting wafts of the horrible sugary, insulin-spiking just by thought aromas.  

Should  you wish to get some, you can from Amazon, Cadbury's, Sainsbury's and Tesco.


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