Akesson's Chocolate

Many chocolate companies you can, rightly or wrongly, pigeon-hole. You can't do that with Bertil Akesson, however. For a number of generations Bertil's family have owned a cocoa and pepper plantation in Madagascar whilst he is also involved in another plantation in Brazil and also sells cocoa beans for a co-operative in Bali. He lives in Madagascar, Vienna and New York - and he makes exceptionally good chocolate from wonderful cocoas - often supplying many of the popular chocolate names you may have already come across such as Domori, Valrhona, Bonnat, Marcolini and Coppeneur. But his chocolate is actually made in France and his company registered in Switzerland. If this doesn't prove to be an example of the international nature of chocolate manufacture, then I don't know what will.

Despite being in the cocoa industry for a great number of years, it wasn't until the last few years that the Akesson's name was actually put on chocolate packaging and sold in its own right. Since then Bertil has won many awards for his chocolate and steadily increased the range of chocolates available, not least the wonderful Bali bar. The company, however, is most-noted for producing chocolate that contains various types of peppers which are also grown on his plantation. This, obviously, is an acquired taste, however, we do greatly appreciate the chocolate as it refreshes the palette and is a wonderful departure from 'chocolate made by committee'. Akesson's chocolate certainly has a definite style.