Askinosie Chocolate

Askinosie isn't just a chocolate company. It's a movement. There are very few companies that marry the three pinnacles of the chocolate making: great chocolate, great ethics and originality. Askinosie chocolate, however, does. They have passed into the semi finals of this year's International Chocolate Awards for their Dark / origin bars as well as for flavoured milk chocolate and chocolate spreads. In 2012 they won a silver in the same competition for their Licorice Collaboration Bar. In 2011 they won a Gold for their San Jose del Tambo in the Academy of Chocolate Awards for which I was a judge.

Founder, Shawn Askinosie has a deep commitment to those that actually grow the cocoa beans he uses too. The company pays significantly more than the market rate to ensure that the farmers continue to find growing cocoa a profitable crop and satisfying enterprise, given that so that there so many other competing products they could be growing. The company is also shining light when it comes to co-workers and suppliers.

Also you can find a wide variety of interesting chocolate too. The Ancho Chile & Pistachio bar is a particular favourite of mine. Whilst the Black Licorice is an international favourite and the malted milk is a definite grower. Furthermore, they allow you to travel the world vicariously through chocolate with origin bars from the likes of Tanzania, Ecuador, Honduras and the Philippines.