In April 1954, Bombons Blanxart Chocolate Company was born in a rented building located in Barcelona, Spain in the Les Corts neighbourhood. The chocolate factory, now located in Sant Joan Despi, Barcelona, produces quality chocolates made from the finest cacao beans and raw products available. The entire process, from the selecting of the cacao beans to the toasting and grinding, is done right in the Blanxart factory, allowing for a quality chocolate that stands out as some of the finest chocolate in the world.

Blanxart produces its quality chocolate from only the finest Trinitario, Criollo and Forastero beans. The variety of the cacao bean used indicates the origin of the chocolate. Criollo is the rarest of the three and is native to the northern and central areas of South America. Criollo beans exhibit a mild fruit flavour. Forastero beans used in Blanxart’s chocolates are harvested in the Amazon and Brazil. Chocolate produced from Forestero beans tends to have a mild, earthy flavour. The chocolate produced from Trinitario cacao beans ranges from a fruity undertone to spicy notes or even an earthy flavour. Trinitario beans are a hybrid of Criollo and Forestero and are native to Trinidad. The combination of these quality cacao beans from various origins and raw materials from Spain, such as Marcona almonds, Reus hazelnuts and Castilla pine nuts, makes for a deliciously refined and sophisticated chocolate that dances on the tongue.

Besides Blanxart’s traditional chocolate bars in milk, dark, milk with hazelnuts and dark with almonds, they also produce a range of chocolate bars called Sabores with flavour combinations to delight the taste buds. Sabores are available in three tasty varieties: Dark chocolate with orange, ginger, and cacao nibs.