Blyss Chocolate

As with any industry there are those that rely on 'hype' (I'm being polite) to sell their products. On version of this that has come to prominence in recent years are those companies that promote their 'ethical credentials'. Often these were devised in a marketing meeting or a board room. Rarely are they the founding principles of a company. If you were looking to try chocolate from a company that understands their role in improving the lives of less advantaged people in growing countries and the impact that cacao production compared to other harvests as on local environments then you should really take a look at Blyss Chocolate. 

Not only do they work tirelessly to keep cacao a sustainable crop, but have inspired many, including myself, to learn about the true critical issues facing our environment and the fragile economies of parts of the world that even the television crews and news reporters seem to forget. 

But Blyss is so much more than that, they make damn fine chocolate too. Some customers may look at the prices below and ask them if 'it will be value for money'. The problem is that true value of any product cannot be seen by the packaging itself. It can be 'seen' by the flavour and Blyss' chocolate is absolutely fantastic. But there is hidden value too. Many of the large and even medium-sized companies don't pass much of the price you pay to the farmer. Much of it is kept in their country as dividends and spent on 'cost centres'. With Blyss much more of the price you pay goes back to the 450 farming families they work with in Ecuador. If you compare the chocolate below to the chocolate you will find in your local supermarket or gift shop, not only is that chocolate a 'commodity', a number on an accountant's Profit and Loss ledger, but also there's no love in it; not for the retailer and certainly not for the hard-pressed, and often under-paid cocoa harvester. This chocolate here, offers so much more to the growers, it means so much more to me, and I hope it will mean much more to you too.

But don't take my word for it. Learn more about the fantastic range of Blyss chocolate awesomeness direct from Lyss herself: