There’s no denying the fact that Bonnat is one of the finest chocolate makers in the world. Not only do they make produce a wide variety of fine bars such as Bonnat Libanio, Bonnat Haiti, Java, Surabaya, Ceylan, Cote d’Ivoire, Equator, Hacienda El Rosario, Madagascar, Puerto Caballa and Trinite, but also two exceptional 100% dark chocolate bars: The blended 100% cacao.

Bonnat also produce some delightful pave and filled chocolates, which we don’t stock due to their short shelf-life and belief that filled chocolates should always be made fresh and consumed as shortly after as possible.

As a bit of a background: the Bonnat family have been creating chocolate southern French town of Voiron for approaching 150 years and have built up a reputation for producing fine chocolate and chocolates during that time and are classed as a Maître chocolatier – a master chocolatier. Although for our mind it is their single origin chocolate bars that we find most appealing.