Bouga Cacao

Bouga Cacao are a very small chocolate making company in southern France where the founders Ulrike Bongartz and Alex Gareiss spent several years living and working in Ecuador and, cutting a long story very short, they began to take form a company in German and then move it to France. The obtain their cocoa beans from a variety of small cocoa farms and plantations around Ecuador and pay more than the ‘Fair Trade’ price as they believe it is crucial to support the local growers, give them a living wage but not tie them with all the strings and costs that are traditionally associated with Fair Trade chocolate

Their ethos is very firmly implanted in the concept of sustainability and direct co-operation with the growers and if you are one that sees the life and livelihoods of the people involved in the production and processing of the cocoa bean as important then I’m sure you would appreciate the chocolate that they create.

Another reason we stock Bouga Cacao chocolate is that they have a very interesting array of products. Not only do they have the popular 100% bars, but they of chocolate with figs, Cape gooseberries, Ishpink as well as milk and salt. This is another reason to try their chocolate if you are bored with the usual flavours most chocolate shops seem to sell.