Chapon Chocolate

Patrice Chapon previously worked at Buckingham Palace making ice cream and other sweet treats for the Royal family after which he returned to Paris to start an award-winning career making single origin chocolate and producing a wide range of 'bon bons' - initially from the cellar of his house. Patrice now has three stores in Paris, but to save you a trip aboard a budget airline or the Eurostar we bring you the best of his bars here.

His chocolate is unconventional, they have a low roast and typically a short conche time and are radically different to the chocolate we have come to expect from the other fine French chocolate maker: Francois Pralus. If we had to choose a particular favourite it would be the Chuao as it offers an alternative to the mellow, rolling flavours you often get from a Chuao.

We also adore the packaging as Patrice breaks out of the conventional approach by not using a cardboard box but instead a metallic plastic sleeve which seems to protect the chocolate better. The designs, too, are wonderful with Caribbean-like art adorning them and making them a perfect gift for any chocolate-lover.