The relatively new Cornish chocolate maker Chocolarder is the creation of Michael Longman who started to dabble making small batches of chocolate from the bean whilst he was a pastry chef. Having found the process enjoyable and rewarding Michael decided to step up production and bring it his particular view of chocolate to a wider market.

What is important is that Michael has the same view of the industry as us - too many large companies make vast profits with little or no regard for those that grow the crop nor do they show much excitement for the composition of well-made chocolate - it's ingredients in the form of dark chocolate can be seen to enhance our health.

It appears that Chocolarder also adhere to the Direct Cacao ethical stance that cocoa should be bought from growers directly and that more of the price you pay for the chocolate goes to those that produce the crop - by paying above the commercial trade price for average cocoa.

Just as Mott Green, who has sadly passed away, wanted his chocolate to have as close no negative environmental impact as possible, Michael tells me the cocoa he uses is transported to these shores via sail boat. Also in terms of the environmental aspect of the beans, Michael tells me they are organically grown.

In terms of the quality of the chocolate we are told that they generally prefer Criollos and try and use as few ingredients as possible. For dark chocolate this means just cocoa beans, whilst for milk then milk powder is also used. No lecithins, palm oil, vegetable fats or artificial flavourings are used.