Cocoa Beans

Below you will find a range of whole cocoa beans. Often you will find them roasted, however, we have also sought to offer you unroasted beans. These are still 'dry' as they have been through the typical drying process after fermentation. This process will differ around the world. Often it takes place on wooden racks by the sun. In some origins they will dry them over open wood fires while still in other locations they may artificially dry them via artificial heaters. 

Drying cocoa beans is often a forgotten flavour-producing process in making chocolate after fermentation, roasting, conching etc. How cocoa beans are dried, however, can directly and noticeably affect the flavour of the beans - most noticeably in Indonesia where they often dry over fires which give them more of an intense, smoky (as you would expect) flavour.

If you are fascinated by the chocolate making process then trying beans from different origins and roasted and unroasted will give you a great insight into the role the chocolate maker plays in producing flavour.