Daintree Estates

For about five years I've been trying to find a chocolate maker based in Australia that used local cacao to create bean-to-bar chocolate then two years ago I was lucky enough to find Daintree Estates and actually get some to try. I loved it then and love it now - but for very different reasons than much dark chocolate - this stuff is completely original. For the last couple of years I've been nagging Tim at Daintree to allow me to sell his fantastic chocolate. He finally relented and we now have fewer than 100 bars for you to try. 

Daintree Estates ticks so many boxes, its part owned by the staff and people in their supply chain, it's based on the co-operation of a number of farms and is firmly focused on creating their own identity and style of chocolate. Daintree Estates chocolate is unique and certainly isn't for everyone. Fine chocolate enthusiasts will enjoy the Jekyll and Hyde characteristics of this chocolate.