Below you will find a wide variety of dark chocolate bars and drinking chocolate. Although the per cent of cocoa present in a bar doesn't necessarily determine its bitterness, you will be able to find dark chocolate bars from the 55% cocoa level up-to the very intense 100% dark chocolate bars. We invite you to look through the range below and explore the tasting notes to find chocolate that piques your interest. 

We offer only the world's finest, most unusual and interesting dark chocolate bars that are difficult to find such as from Finca, Menakao, Chapon, Pump Street Bakery, Potomac and Doble & Bignall. We do also stock fine chocolate from the recognised makers such as Domori, Bonnat

Some of the world's most satisfying chocolate, however, can be found off the beaten track with the likes of MarouBouga Cacao and Zotter - our particular favourites.

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