Dick Taylor Chocolate

Dick Taylor ChocolateLovers of craft chocolate will massively appreciate the addition of the awesome Dick Taylor to the roster of great chocolate makers available here.

Often phrases such as 'artisan', 'fine' and craft are used by some in the chocolate industry that just don't deserve to use the moniker. Not so Dick Taylor. The term 'craft' is exactly the word to define their work - not only because they're truly small-batch, nor is it only because they use seemingly antiquated equipment, but it’s because their chocolate has a true non-commercialise feeling. Each bar feels as if it was made especially for you. 

You might find the usual origins of Dominican Republic and Madagascar covered, but you'll also find a Belize, which is one of my personal favourite origins. But there's also some intrigue for you flavourmiesters in the form of a black fig and coconut maple. 

Not only is the wrapping a work of art, but also the moulding which to my mind at least, is the more ornate and intricate of any chocolate maker.

Dick Taylor chocolate has received rave reviews around the world, and now their chocolate is available in Europe. I predict it'll be well received here too.