Dolceria Bonajuto

Dolceria Bonajuto can trace its roots back to 1880 and Francesco Bonajuto set up a small cake shop in the beautiful Scicilian city of Modica. There they a wonderful variety of rustic, natural handmade chocolate and other delights. It must be stated that the chocolate made by Dolceria Bonajuto isn't the usual fair. It's not smooth and creamy as is Pralus, it's not as highly polished and Domori nor does it have the snap of Marou. This chocolate is as close to the authentic handmade approach to chocolate as I can recall. In fact if you were looking to try chocolate as close to as the Aztecs made it then we believe this is your best opportunity.

When you try chocolate from Dolceria Bonajuto you should know why it has the texture and appearance it does. Their chocolate is not put through a conche and is not tempered, it is far less processed that is usually the case. The granules are large and the cocoa butter has not been processed. It, therefore, won't react the same as 'normal' chocolate. It will bloom and appear tarnished, but this is exactly how it should look. This is natural, unpolished, rustic, authentic chocolate that doesn't wish or choose to conform the wider world's perception of 'fine chocolate'.  

We understand that many customers will not have tried chocolate like this before, and we know many of you will not appreciate the texture, but I do hope you come to appreciate its authenticity and the talent of the team.