Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic FlagChocolate from the Dominican Republic offers such a variety flavour profiles, however, most often you'll find very direct, heavy chocolate with tannin and acidity to the fore - with tobacco and spice not uncommon. There over 40,000 cocoa growers on Dominican Republic side of the island, and which produce a diverse variety of cocoa, mostly around Duarte Province and a less-so to the east - the variety comes from the importation of root stock over a period of two-hundred years or so from Ecuador, Venezuela (most likely Criollo of sorts) and Trinidad.  

To pin a flavour profile on the Dominican Republic, with such a variety of cacao genetics is misleading - as you just don't know that a particular new plantation has access to the finer flavour cacaos than the current, main sources cocoa.

We not only have a variety of Domincan Republic chocolate from the wonderful Zotter and Dick Taylor, but also a good variety by the supremely talented Madre - which are based in Hawai'i.