Mack Domori, cocoa’s faithful servant, is committed to reintroducing the world to the sensual delight of chocolate. Based in None Italy, chocolate maker Domori has made it the company’s mission to rebuild the Cocoa World and engage the five senses in the tasting experience. The company’s founder believes that cocoa should be savoured slowly, like a glass of wine or a cup of espresso.

Offerings include chocolate bars in dark, milk and white and Neapolitans, a combination of six different flavours. They also have chocolate-coated citrus fruits, hot chocolate, roasted and shelled cacao beans. Domori’s dried fruit delicacies are the ultimate alchemy of citrus and cacao, but the title for soul of Domori is reserved for the Blend Line 100% chocolate bar. The company has vowed to save cocoa and its natural habitat, the rainforest. Domori delivers on its promise to re-establish cocoa to its rightful place on the international stage.