Duffy's Chocolate

Duffy can be seen as the first of the modern (current decade) of British chocolate makers and led the way for many small-scale, hobbyist chocolate makers to follow suit. Duffy now has an international presence - you can find his chocolate in virtually all major chocolate-consuming nations. He is, however, still as down-to-earth as ever and supports many projects to ensure that cocoa growers and harvesters receive a fair wage for their efforts. Often Duffy will pay many times the going rate for cocoa beans and that includes Fairtrade sources. 

Over the past few years Duffy has greatly expanded the range of chocolate he has to offer and has recently started selling a 100% bar to compliment more 'traditional' cocoa levels. All of his other chocolates have a mellow profile where the flavour notes aren't heavy or distracting, which means his chocolate should have an appeal to a more discerning palette than the high roasts that many continental chocolate makers seem fit.

If you wish to support British small businesses with a truly ethical approach then you cannot go wrong with Duffy's chocolate.