Favarger Swiss Chocolate

Favarger are Switzerland's oldest chocolate maker and have been producing chocolate in Geneva for almost two centuries and in that time have perfected the Swiss-style of chocolate making. They even can be considered to be the premium chocolate brand in the entire country. What we love about their chocolate is their absolute fixation with continuity. They mainly produce blended chocolate so they have a greater opportunity to offer their customers a consistent experience. So often chocolate makers around the world fail to offer the fact that cacao harvests change in flavour profile over time, but by offering a tried and tested flavour profile the relative roasting and conching times can be altered, so too the relative balance of the beans so that the target outcome can always be achieved.

It is this Swiss appreciation and focus on perfection that we admire. It is also the fact that they don't necessarily amend their offerings to satisfy current trends, instead they focus steadfastly on what they know works and works well. For some the blend of African and South American cocoas may not be as expansive as perhaps some European and North American makers, but you will never have any unwanted surprises with Favarger's chocolate as it is simple in profile and clean in flavour.

What's more they source their cacao ethically, both with Fair Trade and UTZ certification and uses no artificial ingredients or additives and also don't use any lecithin, soya or otherwise. 

Favarger mostly focuses on producing uncomplicated milk chocolate, occasionally supplemented by hazelnuts from Piedmont or walnuts from Grenoble, but they do also stretch into a 66% dark and the one 71% with