Finca Chocolate

Although bean to bar chocolate can encompass exceptionally large companies producing hundreds of tonnes of chocolate per year, it can also include very small teams producing a few hundred bars a year. Here we have Dan Hankle creating 'home produced' chocolate. That process involves sorting the beans by hand for size and quality, changing the manufacture protocol specifically for each delivery of beans and investing their heart and soul into the product. 

We read a small amount about Dan and Nancy's approach to chocolate and their focus on organic ingredients and sustainable production and, to be honest, we took a punt on their products, but our intuition has been rewarded in a fashion we couldn't have expected as this chocolate is absolutely wonderful. The 70% and 80% use the same approach but are completely different bars whilst the 85% is a very good blend of roasted and unroasted beans which produces an interesting flavour profile. The 100% is a step change in terms of intensity than most of the 100% we have, but then again, it settles after the first taste. 

The whole mission of what we do is to bring great chocolate from small producers that you wouldn't normally get to try, and the fincaChocolate is a perfect vindication of that approach.