Forever Cacao

At the top of a hill on the Welsh/English border resides Pablo Spaull and family (his kids will make you chuckle). Within his purpose built production facility he crafts chocolate made from unroasted Peruvian cacao beans - and its mighty fine, award-winning stuff. 

Pablo is gradually extending the range of chocolate he makes from a 100%, an 80% and a 72% as well as a splendid one with coffee. But allied to the flavour is Pablo's desire to make ethical chocolate sourced from co-operatives and farmers that pass more of the value of the chocolate on to the growers. Hence, the price of the Forever Cacao chocolate might be priced higher than conventional chocolate, it does help support families and youngsters less privileged than us.

The term 'raw' is a misunderstood one. It is often used by people playing on fads rather than necessarily ones that understand the process. It is a term that is understood by chocolate lovers and those with an ethical, alternative bent so we have no problem using it. During the production process, and the grinding one in particular, the chocolate won't reach over 45c so it is heated to a suitable degree. The correct term, however, is 'unroasted'. 

If you are looking for a Welsh maker of chocolate, and there are too few, then Pablo is certainly one you should try and experience.